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TWITTER | MAY 04, 2016
Meet. Connect. Inspire. Join @DCPrep's Talent Team as a Recruiter. Apply your passion today!
@DCPREP | 09:40 PM
TWITTER | MAY 04, 2016
RT @najwagaines: Silly Hat Day @DCPrep
@DCPREP | 09:34 PM
TWITTER | MAY 04, 2016
RT @FedCityBros: It's #teacherappreciationweek, be sure to send some??their way! IG??:@shamarknightjustice w/@DCPrep #ThankATeacher https://…
@DCPREP | 09:34 PM
TWITTER | MAY 04, 2016
Benning Middle Preppies write thank you notes for #TeacherAppreciationWeek! @dcpcsb @charteralliance @Ward7EdCouncil
@DCPREP | 06:48 PM
TWITTER | MAY 03, 2016
#TeacherAppreciationDay @DCPrep Anacostia Elementary: Class t-shirts courtesy of the fab Parent Action Team! #Ward8
@DCPREP | 08:19 PM
TWITTER | MAY 03, 2016
You connect people. You see possibility. Learn more about joining @DCPrep's Talent Team via
@DCPREP | 02:30 PM
TWITTER | MAY 03, 2016
RT @FOCUSdc: Happy #CharterSchoolsWeek! Learn more about @DCPrep, one of DC's growing charter networks, @ https://t…
@DCPREP | 02:13 PM
FACEBOOK | MAY 03, 2016
Thanks for the #CharterSchoolsWeek feature, FOCUS (Friends of Choice in Urban Schools)! We're #DCcharterPROUD this week, and every week.
Happy #CharterSchoolsWeek! Learn more about DC Prep's mission to bridge the educational divide in Washington, DC by increasing the number of students from underserved communities with the academic preparation and personal character to succeed in competitive high schools and college.
TWITTER | MAY 02, 2016
RT @FedCityBros: Great afternoon with the kids & teachers @DCPrep! Thank you #teachers for all that you do! #TeacherAppreciationWeek https:…
@DCPREP | 06:45 PM
TWITTER | MAY 02, 2016
Happy #CharterSchoolsWeek & #TeacherAppreciationWeek @DCPrep the #1 network of DC charters! @dcpcsb @charteralliance
@DCPREP | 04:25 PM
TWITTER | APRIL 30, 2016
RT @DC_Advocate: HUGE thanks @DCPrep (Benning Rd campus) for hosting our #Ward7 #ParentEmpowermentSummit conversation today! @karenwill5sbo
@DCPREP | 07:05 PM
TWITTER | APRIL 28, 2016
.@DCPrep looking for a Dir of Recruitment w/ a personal mission to ensure Preppies are taught by A+ faculty. Apply:
@DCPREP | 05:53 PM
TWITTER | APRIL 27, 2016
RT @QuentinLiggins: @DCPrep Please join @leadingedsDC at the Teacher Appreciation Social on 5/5 RSVP:
@DCPREP | 08:49 PM
TWITTER | APRIL 27, 2016
Inaugural #spiritweek @DCPrep's Anacostia Elementary! #DCcharterPROUD @dcpcsb @MySchoolDC @THEARC_DC @TheAdvoc8te
@DCPREP | 08:44 PM

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