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TWITTER | APRIL 16, 2015
A future #DCPREPAEC Preppie READY for SY15-16 at our new campus, opening w/ PK3-PK4 #EnrollmentSelfie @dcschoolreform
@DCPREP | 05:18 PM
TWITTER | APRIL 14, 2015
RT @charteralliance: Learn about the partnership formed between @DCPrep & @dcpl to increase students' access to books:
@DCPREP | 04:25 PM
TWITTER | APRIL 13, 2015
Fostering a love of reading f/ the earliest years: @DCPrep pilot w/ @dcpl & @dcpcsb in @washingtonpost @michaelalison
@DCPREP | 03:42 PM
TWITTER | APRIL 13, 2015
RT @dcpcsb: #DCCharteroftheWeek Founded in 2003, @DCPrep has 4 campuses serving prk-8 in Wards 5&7
@DCPREP | 03:33 PM
Proud to be a DC Public Charter School Board #DCCharteroftheWeek as DC Prep expands to open our newest Anacostia Elementary Campus in SY15-16. Immediate openings available for PK3 and PK4 - apply by 5/8 via My School DC!
#DCCharteroftheWeek Founded in 2003, @DCPrep has four campuses serving preschool-8th grade in Wards 5 and 7. In SY15-16, DC Prep will open a 5th campus in Ward 8's historic Anacostia neighborhood.
TWITTER | APRIL 10, 2015
#JOYFACTOR @DCPrep BEC hosting @NAEYC "Week of the Young Child" w/ Miss DC's Outstanding Teen from @DukeEllingtonDC!
@DCPREP | 04:21 PM
FLICKR | APRIL 10, 2015
DC Prep - Anacostia Elementary Campus

DCPrepAdmin posted a photo:

DC Prep - Anacostia Elementary Campus

TWITTER | APRIL 09, 2015
We're excited to welcome this new #DCPREPAEC Preppie to the SY15-16 DCPrep Community too @MySchoolDC @dcschoolreform
@DCPREP | 07:54 PM
TWITTER | APRIL 09, 2015
Thanks to today's @DCPrep Benning @dcpl visitors. As you can see, our Preppies love to read - and it shows! @dcpcsb
@DCPREP | 03:45 PM
TWITTER | APRIL 09, 2015
RT @dcpcsb: @SDPearson with @DCPrep student ambassadors. Preppies love their new library! @dcpl @cmdgrosso @MayorBowser
@DCPREP | 02:32 PM
TWITTER | APRIL 09, 2015
RT @dcpcsb: It's reading time at @DCPrep! @DCPrep's new library is awesome! @dcpl @SDPearson
@DCPREP | 02:28 PM
TWITTER | APRIL 08, 2015
Refer folks to apply to #DCPREPAEC in SY15-16 by Round 2, 5/8 deadline via @MySchoolDC & be eligible to win a prize!
@DCPREP | 05:10 PM
TWITTER | APRIL 07, 2015
@DCPrep campuses have NOT been impacted by widespread power outages. Students are safe and dismissal will run on a normal schedule. @dcpcsb
@DCPREP | 05:58 PM

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