Make a Difference

DC Prep teachers know that the work they do is changing the trajectory of their students' lives.

Rigorous academics
and character education have been the essential components of DC Prep’s model since its founding. DC Prep faculty have access to customized data systems designed to give real-time, 360-degree information on students' academic progress and character development - providing the analysis that leads to smart teaching. The day-to-day efforts to implement these elements are guided by the practices of high-performing urban schools nationwide and have been continuously evaluated and refined over DC Prep’s history.

At DC Prep we recruit, attract, and work hard to retain the most talented and uncompromising educators who share the fundamental belief that every child can succeed at the highest levels, and who work diligently every day to make that a reality. And we give our carefully selected and highly trained faculty the ongoing professional development they need to deepen and improve their craft. In addition, the departmentalization DC Prep offers 1st through 8th grade teachers allows them to focus curriculum and lesson planning on targeted areas, providing students with expert instruction from the earliest years. The end result: great outcomes for students.

DC Prep's faculty have a diverse array of prior experience working in district, charter, and private schools from all over the United States and received their preparation from traditional education programs as well as alternative programs like Teach For America and TNTP’s Teaching Fellows programs.

There is a tremendous need in our nation’s capital for schools that work. In spite of one of the highest per-student education expenditures in the nation, test results for low-income students in DC are among the lowest. DC Prep’s twin focus on academics and character education is changing these heartbreaking trends. Want to join us and make a difference in the lives of students who need it the most? Click here to find the charter school job you’ve been looking for. Join the DC Prep team today and apply your passion!

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What our Students are Saying

“My teachers have encouraged and challenged me. They are gentle but they hold us to high standards. They teach us what to do to get good grades, make and keep friends, and have strong relationships with adults.”
Savannah, DC Prep Class of 2014