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The DC Prep Difference

DC Prep is an award-winning network of six schools in Wards 5, 7 and 8, serving students from PK3 through 8th grade. Anchored in our core promises of Community, Challenge, and Commitment, we use rigorous academics and social-emotional education to prepare every child at DC Prep for an academically and socially successful future.


  • Strong relationships with students and families. We love kids. We make it a priority to really get to know each of our students and their families, so we can be most effective in helping them grow. We partner closely with students’ families to deliver on a great educational experience.
  • Robust school leadership teams. Our schools average 150 students per assistant principal, compared to 400:1 at DCPS. This enables both our school leaders and our teachers to build stronger, more meaningful relationships with students and families, helping every student achieve their goals.
  • Collaboration with colleagues. We know that we can’t deliver on our mission without working well together – everyone at DC Prep has an important role to play in delivering on results for our kids.



  • Rigorous academics with data-driven small-group instruction. We set the bar high for our students because we know they are capable of achieving greatness. We supplement whole-group instruction with individualized instruction informed by accessible, accurate, and actionable data that we regularly collect and analyze.
  • Social-emotional learning (SEL). We have always had a dual mission of academic and social-emotional skill development. Our research-based SEL curriculum is integrated into daily instruction, helping students leverage their personal values to strengthen their self-awareness, social awareness, and responsible decision-making skills and create a school-wide culture of empathy and reflection.
  • Reflection and refinement. Our strongest teachers are always seeking to improve, approaching situations with curiosity and a problem-solving mindset. There often isn’t a quick and easy solution to the issue at hand, but we can see how small steps can lead to big progress over time.



  • Ongoing, tailored professional development for our teaching staff. We know that highly skilled educators are most effective in delivering results for our students and that highly supported teachers are most likely to remain in the classroom. Each of our teachers receives over 300 hours of tailored professional development, as well as direct coaching from a campus leader. If you aspire to become a leader and are open to feedback and coaching along the way, we are committed to supporting you on your leadership journey.
  • Always in service of ALL of our Preppies. We know that this can be hard work – AND we know that it’s worth it, because we believe in the transformative power of education. We drive student progress by being responsive, creative team players. At DC Prep, we are ‘all adults for all students’.

Compensation & Benefits

At DC Prep, we know that good talent needs to be celebrated and well-compensated. Read below to learn more details about our competitive compensation and comprehensive benefits.

Health Benefits
Voluntary Retirement Plan
Flexible Spending Account
Life, Disability, and Indemnity Insurance
Paid Time Off
Family and Parenting
Loan Forgiveness
Talent Referral Bonus

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