Our Mission: Bridging the educational divide.

To bridge the educational divide in Washington, DC by increasing the number of students from underserved communities with the academic preparation and personal character to succeed in competitive high schools and colleges.

Our Values: Where character, education and determination meet.

  • Results for students, first and foremost. Every action and every decision is examined through this lens. If we follow this path, will it lead our students to a great destination? If we make this choice, will it give them a brighter future?
  • Good minds and good hearts — inextricably linked. We believe that character counts. We teach it and we model it. We maintain integrity in all matters and are genuine in all interactions. We treat our students, their families, and each other with honesty, kindness, and respect.
  • Excellence, always. We strive to do our very best, to give the most we can. We are committed to excellence in every task, no matter how large or small. We know that we will not always hit the mark, but we will always aim high. We hold ourselves accountable for our failures as well as our successes.
  • Reflection and refinement – every day. We are continuous questioners, always seeking to improve. Is what we are doing working? Is there a better way? We never rest on our laurels.
  • Optimistic determination. We know this is hard work, but we are confident that we can achieve the goals we have for our students and for our organization. We believe in persistence, daily effort, and strive to be purposeful and strategic. Every day we are inspired by our students, their potential, and our responsibility to them.
  • Generosity and humor. We trust and support each other. We believe in having fun, celebrating often, and laughing a lot.

Does your family share our mission and values?