DC Prep's Model

We believe in bright minds, kind hearts, striving for excellence, and achieving results for students, which has made us the highest-performing network of charter schools in Washington, DC.

DC Prep Campuses

Elementary Campuses (PK3 – 3rd Grade)

Anacostia Elementary Campus

Benning Elementary Campus

Edgewood Elementary Campus

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Middle Campuses (4th – 8th Grade)

Anacostia Middle Campus

Benning Middle Campus

Edgewood Middle Campus

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Early Childhood Overview (PK3 and PK4)

  • Curriculum Approach:
    • Students develop the social, emotional, and cognitive competencies that lead to a love of school and learning.
  • Program Features:
    • Classrooms are team-taught by a lead and assistant teacher.
    • Each child has a targeted support plan to help them grow and develop.
    • Strive for shared expectations and aspirations between home and school.
    • School day includes morning community meeting, guided literacy and numeracy, and centers including dramatic play and sensory exploration.
    • Students have two recesses and a nap each day.

Elementary Grades Overview (Kindergarten - 3rd Grade)

  • Curriculum Approach:
    • Students master foundational reading and math skills while developing the independence, curiosity, and focus to thrive in a college-prep environment.
  • Program Features:
    • Departmentalized instruction.
    • Students start the day with morning community meeting.
    • Common Core-aligned curriculum grounded in reading, math and science.
    • Strive for shared expectations and aspirations between home and school.

Middle Grades Overview (4th - 8th Grade)

  • Curriculum Approach:
    • Students dive into increasingly rigorous content, develop higher-order thinking skills, and internalize the personal attributes and student habits to succeed.
  • Program Features:
    • Targeted support and a plan for each student (Individualize Learning Plan, ILP) with differentiated targets.
    • Distinctive school culture; emphasis on building student voice.
    • Frequent communication between students, teachers, and parents.
    • High school placement program.


Over 2,100 students and counting


We have 6 campuses in our nation’s capital


There are no admissions tests or tuition fees