DC Prep will be returning to in-person learning for SY21-22. Please click here for continued updates and resources. 


The current student re-enrollment deadline was May 3, 2021. If there are additional documents that we need from you to secure your child’s seat we will reach out to the phone number and email address we have on file.
All outstanding enrollment paperwork must be completed by the last day of school. If you did not complete your child’s enrollment yet, please call your school’s front desk to discuss your options.
Reminder: All students must be up to date with their immunizations by the first day of school. Please submit the DC Universal Health certificate to your campus front desk before the first day of school.

Step By Step Re-Enrollment Process for SY2021-22

Key Dates: 

  • Late March – Parents begin to receive reminders and information about the upcoming re-enrollment window.
  • April 2, 2021 – May 3, 2021 – Current students re-enrollment window.
  • May 3, 2021 – Deadline to complete re-enrollment.

Step 1: Online Enrollment Form– Deadline May 3rd*
• Submit the online enrollment form. You can access the enrollment form link and unique ‘snapcode’ emailed to you on April 2nd and you are able to use your computer, tablet, or smartphone to electronically complete the form. If you do not have access to technology or are running into issues, call your campus-specific phone number and a DC Prep staff member will provide phone support. We urge you to complete this step ASAP so we know you are planning to send your child to DC Prep for SY21-22.

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Step 2: Submit Your Proof of Residency – Deadline May 3rd*After you submit the online enrollment form, you will receive further guidance via email about how to complete this step.
• Electronic Submission: You can email your acceptable proof of residency documents (scan and email or photo and email) to your campus-specific email address. We have linked the full list of acceptable documents below – please pay attention to the expiration date or how recent the Office of the State Superintendent of Education expects your document to be. You must include your child(ren)’s name(s) in the subject line of the email. We will review your documents and confirm if they meet all of the OSSE requirements and notify you by email if you need to submit different or additional proof of residency.

Acceptable Documents

Step 3: Sign the DC Residency Verification Form – Deadline May 3rd*After you submit valid proof of residency documents, you will receive further guidance via email about how to complete this step.

• Electronic Signature: After DC Prep has reviewed your electronic submission of your proof of residency and deem it acceptable, we will send you a DocuSign form requesting you sign. Note – this may take us up to a week to send you the completed document for your review and signature.

*Please monitor DC Prep’s enrollment page and COVID-19 Updates and Resources page to stay up to date.

Video Tutorials: How to Complete SY21-22 Enrollment

English version:

En español:


Download all SY21-22 enrollment paperwork at the link below!

Contact Information

Submit your acceptable proof of residency documents to your campus-specific email address listed below!

Please email or call your child’s specific campus with any questions or enrollment support you may have about enrolling at DC Prep for SY21-22. We anticipate a large volume of emails and phone calls so be patient as we respond as quickly as we can. We expect 2-3 business day response time.

General Enrollment Questions
Anacostia Elementary Campus (PK3-3rd Grade)
Anacostia Middle Campus (4th-5th Grade)
Benning Elementary Campus (PK3-3rd Grade)
Benning Middle Campus (4th-8th Grade)
Edgewood Elementary Campus (PK3-3rd Grade)
Edgewood Middle Campus (4th-8th Grade)


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