Edgewood Middle Campus

Dear EMC Community,
With the 2014 DC CAS looming, we have the exciting opportunity to help our Preppies see their focus and preparation pay off! WE can do this. We CAN do this. We can DO this. We can do THIS.

In EMC’s tenth school year, we are all ready to continue flying high – SOARing on the DC CAS and working together as a team!

Cassie Pergament 

PS: I encourage you to check out this amazing EMC 4th grade video, produced for a recent Community Meeting. Prepare to be inspired!



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    DC Prep Edgewood Middle Campus (EMC) opened in 2003 and is an award-winning extended middle school serving students in the 4th through 8th grade. With a twin focus on rigorous academics and character development, DC Prep is preparing its graduates for success in top-tier high schools, college, and beyond.

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What our Students are Saying

“Everything about DC Prep just works. Going here has changed my life.”
Savannah, DC Prep Class of 2014