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2017 DC Public Charter School Board Performance Management Framework Results

November 8, 2017

Today, the DC Public Charter School Board (PCSB) released 2017 Performance Management Framework (PMF) results for charter schools. The reports offer a comprehensive overview of public charter schools in the city – measuring performance on a variety of indicators including test scores, attendance, and re-enrollment rates, among others – and serve as a resource for families. PMFs score each school between 0-100, placing the school in one of three performance tiers. Tier 1 are top-performing schools, Tier 2 are mid-performing, and Tier 3 are low-performing. 

In the 2017 PMFs, DC Prep’s Edgewood Middle and Elementary Campuses, Benning Elementary Campus, and Anacostia Elementary Campus (AEC) were designated Tier 1. Of special note, AEC achieved Tier 1 status in its first year of being scored.* Benning Middle Campus (BMC) missed the Tier 1 cut-off by six points and was designated Tier 2 for 2017; BMC is doing excellent work and we remain confident that performance this year will result in 2018 Tier 1 status. Looking ahead, we have more to do, including accelerating academic growth for all of our students.

To view DC Prep’s official PMF reports, and to see PCSB rankings for other charter schools citywide, click here.

*PMFs are not calculated for Year 1 schools – 2017 is AEC’s inaugural year of PMF eligibility.