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2023 OSSE DC School Report Card Results Released

December 6, 2023

Last week, the Office of the State Superintendent of Education (OSSE) released their 2023 DC School Report Cards. 

The DC School Report Card is designed to provide community members and families with high-quality information and school performance data for all public schools in the District of Columbia. Summative school performance scores are calculated using a number of measures and are a way to provide a transparent assessment of school quality across the city. 

When the Report Cards were introduced in 2018, they also included a new STAR Framework rating system for all schools to provide a transparent way of measuring school quality across the city, assigned based on school summative scores calculated using a number of measures. However, OSSE has not assigned STAR ratings since 2019 given the impact of the pandemic on many of the measures used.

 We are thrilled to share three very exciting takeaways from this release:

  1. Our Edgewood Middle Campus, our founding campus, received the highest summative score of ANY middle school in the city.
  2. Our Anacostia Middle Campus, our newest campus, received the highest summative score of ANY school east of the river.
  3. Our Benning Middle Campus is in the top 10% of middle schools in the city.

Paired with our 2023 PARCC results, we continue to see evidence that our focus on strong academic recovery is resulting in substantial gains for our students, and that we are on the trajectory for more sustained growth. We are setting the bar high for ALL of our Preppies, and we are putting in the hard work to help them reach or exceed that bar.

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