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Three DC Prep Campuses Named 2019 EmpowerK12 Bold Performance Schools

November 07 2019 | School News

Three DC Prep campuses – Benning Elementary, Benning Middle, and Edgewood Middle -- were among the 28 schools recently recognized by EmpowerK12 for outsized gains among their at-risk students.

The Bold Performance award is given to schools serving a large number of at-risk students (those in foster care, experiencing homelessness, or whose families receive TANF) who have combined Math and ELA proficiency rates that are dramatically higher than schools serving a similar population. Benning Elementary and Edgewood Middle have achieved this honor annually since 2016, the inaugural year of the award.

Typically, the more at-risk students a school serves, the lower a school's median student growth percentile, according to EmpowerK12’s analysis. Student achievement at Bold Performance schools, however, is an average of 10 growth percentile points more than schools serving a similar population, showing that academic success results from strong school leaders, data-driven instruction, and a warm social school environment significant regardless of social or emotional challenges – commonalities among the award winners and all characteristics of DC Prep’s schools.

We are proud of this honor, as well as the continued success of our hardworking students, staff, and DC Prep community. 

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