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Brooke Jones

Resident Principal, Anacostia Middle Campus

Brooke joined DC Prep in 2017 at our Benning Middle Campus (BMC), after working at and helping open other charters in Ward 7. Brooke wore many hats at BMC, including 6th Grade ELA Special Education Teacher, 8th Grade Gen Ed Teacher, 8th Grade GLL, and Director of High School Placement. In 2020, she joined the AMC founding team as the Community Assistant Principal. Brooke received her undergraduate degrees in sociology and education from Roanoke College, and her Master of Education degree in special education from George Mason University. Brooke is passionate about creating a strong, joyful middle school experience that helps prepare Preppies for high school and beyond.

Brooke will spend SY23-24 working closely with AMC Principal Emma Bivona before becoming the principal of AMC in SY24-25.