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DC Prep Students Participate in National Walkout Day

March 16, 2018

On March 14th, DC Prep students lent their voices and actions to National Walkout Day, participating in a series of activities and lessons to advocate for action on gun control and gun violence across the country.

Given the importance of this issue to our students’ safety, and as a tool to underscore the value and potential impact of students advocating for important issues, DC Prep campuses coordinated brief walkouts or teach-ins as deemed appropriate for the age level of our students.

At Benning Middle and Edgewood Middle, the community conducted a scheduled walk out, incorporating student speeches and signs created during their advisory periods. All elementary campuses conducted a “teach-in” as an alternative way to show support, addressing the topic of kindness with lesson plans written by our clinical team.

We also recognize that while the shootings like the one in Florida are tragic, for our students, the issue of gun violence is also directly tied to their safe passage to and from school. In the past year, there have been shootings near some of our students while they were at track practice at the Edgewood Recreation Center, as well as those which happened at 16th and V SE in January during the school day, and others. These events tend to get little attention or response from our city or national officials. In our March 14 demonstrations, we worked to make the connection between some of our students’ experiences and the national debate.

DC Prep stands with our students in demanding progress on gun control. Our children deserve safe communities, and we believe it is time everyone takes steps to make that possible. It is time to listen.