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TWITTER | JULY 20, 2018
RT @MayorBowser: #ICYMI Kids Ride Free is getting smarter! Beginning October 1, students will no longer be able to use DC One Cards but wil…
@DCPREP | 01:42 PM
TWITTER | JULY 20, 2018
Beginning 10/1, students will only be able to use the new #KidsRideFree SmarTrip Card to take public transportation…
@DCPREP | 01:41 PM
TWITTER | JULY 15, 2018
Apply to be a Long Term Substitute for SY18-19! This is a great opportunity to benefit from DC Prep's professional…
@DCPREP | 05:00 PM
TWITTER | JULY 10, 2018
July Leadership Retreat has begun and our network Assistant Principals are pretty excited about it! #WeAreDCPrep
@DCPREP | 03:18 PM
TWITTER | JULY 08, 2018
We're looking for a Prep EX! Program Leader! Prep EX! provides a safe space for Preppies during after school hours…
@DCPREP | 05:00 PM
TWITTER | JULY 01, 2018
Middle school math teachers adapt our rigorous, standards-based curriculum to meet the needs of each student, findi…
@DCPREP | 05:00 PM
TWITTER | JUNE 23, 2018
Our students get so excited about reading new books not just during the summer but all year! Join our ELA team and…
@DCPREP | 05:00 PM
TWITTER | JUNE 20, 2018
RT @raymondweeden: @DCPrep @SpecialEdCoop @exploreDC3C students, families and supporters, please plan to attend at least one of these Town…
@DCPREP | 06:06 PM
TWITTER | JUNE 19, 2018
School may be out for the summer but @DCPrep is still enrolling students for SY18-19! Our Anacostia Elementary Camp…
@DCPREP | 03:51 PM
TWITTER | JUNE 19, 2018
RT @DrMichaelLomax: Thank you to our engaging panelists @sekoubiddle, Khalia Murray @DCPrep, @FiskPres and Kathryn Procope @HowardUms2 for…
@DCPREP | 03:25 PM
TWITTER | JUNE 17, 2018
What will our Preppies explore next year? We're searching for elementary teachers ready to help them learn all abou…
@DCPREP | 06:00 PM

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