Our Team

DC Prep attracts the best and brightest. Our team is passionate, analytical, energetic, and uncompromising – united in the fervent belief that learning has no limits. As a public Charter Management Organization, DC Prep is a supportive, innovative, and collaborative community that has the flexibility to adapt to the needs and priorities of its staff. Student learning is the primary focus of DC Prep, and all aspects of the organization exist to enable that outcome.

Campus Teams

Every day, DC Prep's elite group of hardworking school leaders and teachers are making a difference in their students' lives. They are the heart and soul of our organization. Get to know our principals and their awesome teams!

Shaunte Edmonds | Principal | Edgewood Elementary Campus Team

Cassie Pergament | Principal | Edgewood Middle Campus Team

Raymond Weeden | Principal | Benning Elementary Campus Team

Erin Waldron | Principal | Benning Middle Campus Team

Maria-Teresa Duvall | Founding Resident Principal | Anacostia Elementary Campus Team

Home Office

DC Prep’s Home Office team establishes, supports, and ultimately oversees each campus as well as the health and stability of the organization – all while striving to support terrific teaching and learning in every classroom.


  • Emily Lawson | Founder and CEO
  • Beth Berwick | Chief of Staff
  • Clarice Ulu | Special Assistant to the CEO

Academic Support

  • Katie Severn | President and Chief Academic Officer
  • Nicole Bryan | Senior Director of Elementary Programming
  • Maya Ekus | Speech-Language Pathologist
  • Deborah Hanmer | Senior Director of Student Support
  • Michelle Hess | Director of Special Education
  • MaryKate Hughes | Senior Director of Curriculum and Instruction
  • Tara O’Flaherty | Senior Director of Leadership Support
  • Heidi Reed | Curriculum Writer

Finance and Real Estate

  • Wendy Scott | Chief Financial Officer
  • Ryan Aurori | Director of Finance and Real Estate

Talent, Human Resources, and Operations

  • Laura Maestas | Chief Talent Officer
  • Matthew Carothers | Talent Recruiter
  • Jake Custer | Director of Recruitment
  • Alyssa Goodman | Director of Human Resources
  • Emily Johannsen | Director of Operations
  • Gregor Kelsey | Talent Recruiter
  • Catherine Nwosu | Director of Extended Learning
  • Kenny Wang | Director of Special Projects

Data, Analysis, and Technology

  • Dan Englender | Senior Director of Data, Technology, and Enrollment
  • Hilary Dauffenbach-Tabb | Director of Analysis, Data, and Enrollment
  • Malaika Khafra | Technology Associate
  • Natalie Mufarrige | Data and Enrollment Associate
  • Heather Nadolny | Technology Associate
  • Sindy Tavarez | Associate Director of Enrollment
  • Ricardo Troncoso-Ramirez | Director of Information Technology

Development, Marketing, and Communications

  • Ibby Jeppson | Chief Development Officer
  • Amber Walker | Director of Marketing and Communications
  • Shannon Zeimetz | External Relations Associate


  • James Kelly | Director of PrepNext
  • Maliza Kalema | College Access Associate
  • Tony Keith | Associate Director for Post-secondary Success
  • Maria Lawson | College Access Associate
  • Jill Salisbury | Associate Director for College Counseling


DC Prep’s School Leaders build a unique and close-knit learning community at each school campus.

  • Maria-Teresa Duvall | Founding Resident Principal
  • Shaunte Edmonds | Principal
  • Cassie Meltzer Pergament | Principal
  • Erin Waldron | Principal
  • Raymond Weeden | Principal



What our Leaders are Saying

“I was hooked on DC Prep the moment I read the organization’s Core Values. Although each one is purposeful and applicable to the day-to-day work my colleagues and I do, DC Prep’s emphasis on good minds and good hearts – inextricably linked motivates me the most. Every day, I see the integrity and character of our Preppies, teachers, and school leaders shine through in a rigorous but joyful learning environment. This starts at the earliest grade levels and continues on with our oldest 8th graders and alumni who truly have the smarts, compassion, and empathy to succeed in high school and beyond.”
Katie Rouse, Chief Operating Officer